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This FREE productivity planner will help you set a productivity system and claim back your time for a truly free living.


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This little space on the web is dedicated to help you live a life where you truly feel free. We believe that the right systems will help you get everything done in every area of your life - giving you the ultimate freedom!

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I'm Neha

I am an Entrepreneur & a wife who juggles running a business & managing a home on a daily basis. My mission is to help you set productivity systems that will help you claim back your time and feel truly free in every area of life.

I create planners, write blogs and record videos to help you be more productive – get more done in less amount of time and energy. 

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“Just what I needed to help get my piles under control. Plus I did not know these were not fillable and I requested and received fillable PDFs! Awesome!! Thank you!”

Michelle Wenson

“This was perfect for my needs! The creator even helped me resize for my planner. So creative and attentive to buyers needs. thank you!”


“I’m really trying hard to get better organized and this printable form is going to be super helpful!”

Lauren Nobles

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